Whats included


HERE'S WHAT you receive When you become an inspector education licencee

  1. A great looking website that is incredibly functional. It will:
  • Be a brochure for your business.
  • Generate leads for you automatically.
  • Take your bookings.
  • Process payments.
  • Get people to agree to your pre inspection terms and conditions.
  • Collect contact details of real estate agents and conveyancers/lawyers for you to market to.

     All on auto pilot. The site cost me $2700 to develop and i use it in my own business.

2. The licence to operate a model of a successful property inspection business. The licence is restricted to your postcode. Which doesn’t mean you can’t work outside of your postcode, it means you have first right of refusal to any enquiries from within your postcode.

3. A large info filled ring bind folder that is the heart of the course. It includes absolutely everything you need to know to start and run a successful property inspection business.

It is divided into 2 main sections, the 2 main components of a service business.

  • How to get the work.
  • Marketing
  • Appearance
  • Graphics
  • How to do the work.
  • How to inspect a property.

4. A licensee only online forum that will become a knowledge base for inspectors.

Much better than phone support as the info is always available for future reference.

5. Ongoing support: 6 months to get you up and running.

6. Ongoing resources:  such as tips, forms, email and letter templates, ads, interviews with successful inspectors…tons of info and resources that you’ll need.