The Risk of Buying Older Homes in Sydney Without an Electrical Inspection. Free electrical inspection offer.

Purchasing an older home in Sydney’s Inner West comes with great character and charm, but also potential safety risks if the electrical system is outdated or faulty. With many homes in the area built over 50 years ago, having an electrical inspection by a licensed electrician should be a priority for home buyers.

Failing to assess the electrical system can leave new owners vulnerable to fires, shocks, and costly repairs down the track. This is why Inner West Property Inspections now includes electrical inspections for free with all building and pest inspections for home purchasers. As the only company offering this complimentary service, we aim to keep buyers informed and safe when investing in one of the Inner West’s beautiful historic homes.

Why Electrical Systems in Old Homes Need Assessing

The Inner West is full of charming Victorian terraces and cottages built around the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Even homes constructed as recently as the 1970s and 80s are now over 40 years old. While old wiring and fittings give these properties character, they also pose safety issues that a thorough electrical inspection can detect.

According to the Housing Industry Association, any fixed wiring and electrical fittings older than 40 years should be inspected and tested. This is because:

  • Old wiring insulations often crack over time, exposing wires and creating fire risks.
  • Outdated fuse boxes can overload and fail to trip when circuits are under stress.
  • Early wiring practices did not provide the same level of safety as modern standards. Faulty connections and undersized cables often go unnoticed.
  • Old appliances and fittings may seem to work fine but fail to meet changing safety expectations and codes. This puts stress on surrounding electrical components.
  • New appliances and electronics have higher energy demands than old homes’ electrical systems were designed for.

Minor faults can slowly compound over the years, leading to dangerous situations that threaten both lives and the integrity of the property.

What Our Electrical Inspections Cover

Our fully licensed electricians conduct thorough electrical inspections to identify risks and faults before they become critical. The inspection covers:

  • Switchboards and fuse boxes – Checking for correct labeling, undersized cables, and overloading.
  • Power outlets – Assessing safety, circuit loading, and compliance to standards.
  • Lights and ceiling fixtures – Testing fitting safety and wiring connections.
  • Wiring – Detecting exposed wires, cracking, loose connections, and overload risks.
  • The inspector provides a written report outlining any issues found, recommended actions, and repairs required to bring the electrical system up to current safety standards. They can also answer any questions buyers may have about the home’s electrical safety.

Protecting Your Investment in an Older Inner West Home

The Inner West’s old, quirky homes hold wonderful potential for buyers wanting to renovate and restore a piece of history. However, inheriting old wiring and outdated electrical fixtures can really take the shine off a dream home without the right safety checks.

Our detailed electrical inspections identify and prevent issues that could otherwise lead to electrical fires, shocks, or even make your new home uninsurable down the track. By including these inspections for free, Inner West Property Inspections aims to keep home buyers fully informed and protected when investing in one of Sydney’s charming historic homes.

So don’t take risks with the electrical safety of your potential new home – allow our experts to thoroughly inspect the electrical system and provide essential advice tailored to the property. Contact Inner West Property Inspections today to book your free electrical inspection along with your building and pest check. Our experience with older homes in the Inner West will empower you to buy with confidence.