Sydney building reports – A Guide to Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections in Sydney.

Purchasing property in Sydney is an exciting experience, but it also requires due diligence. One of the most important steps in the home buying process is to get a professional pre purchase building and pest inspection done on the property before you commit to buying it. This helps identify any structural defects, pest issues, or other problems that may require costly repairs down the track. Read on for a comprehensive guide to building and pest inspections in Sydney.

Section 1: Why are Pre Purchase Inspections Important?

Before you finalise a property purchase in Sydney, a thorough pre purchase building and pest inspection is strongly recommended. Here are some key reasons these inspections are worth investing in:

  • Identify hidden defects and building issues: An experienced building inspector can spot cracked foundations, leakage, damp, faulty wiring, asbestos, structural damage and other problems that may not be visible to the untrained eye. Knowing about these issues upfront prevents nasty surprises later.
  • Check for pest infestations: Termites, cockroaches, borers and other pests can cause extensive damage to the property. A professional pest inspection spots any pest issues, so you don’t inherit expensive termite treatments.
  • Inform your negotiating position: Building and pest inspection reports highlighting defects allow you to re-negotiate the purchase price or request the seller to fix identified issues before settlement.
  • Provide legal protection: The reports serve as official evidence if any significant defects are found later which the seller did not disclose. This gives you legal recourse.
  • Get peace of mind: Most importantly, a clear building and pest inspection gives you peace of mind that you are purchasing a structurally sound property free of defects and pests. This takes away many home buying risks.

Section 2: What Does a Building Inspection Cover?

A pre purchase building inspection in Sydney checks all aspects of the home for defects and issues, including:

  • Foundations – Checks for cracks, sinking, movement and other structural problems with foundations.
  • Roof – Inspects roof structure, tiles, gutters, flashing and looks for leaks, damage, rust and faults.
  • External – Scans walls, doors, windows, pipes, cladding, lighting, drainage for damage.
  • Interior – Checks ceilings, walls, floors for cracks, dampness, flaws. Tests power points and lighting.
  • Structural – Analyses the integrity of floors, walls, joints, beams and looks for any structural weaknesses.
  • Extensions – Inspects any extensions or additional structures for construction quality and defects.
  • Garage – Checks garage roof, walls, door for issues.

A good inspector will also highlight any illegal building work done without council approval. Make sure you get a comprehensive written report documenting all inspection findings.

Section 3: What’s Checked in a Pest Inspection?

A pre purchase pest inspection in Sydney involves a thorough check for pest activity in and around the property. This includes:

  • Termites – Carefully inspects foundations, walls, roofs, doors, skirting boards etc. for any live termites, mud tubes or exit holes signalling termite infestation. Tap testing of walls also checks for hollow sections.
  • Borers – Checks for borer insects that can severely damage timber structures.
  • Wood decay fungi – Inspects for fungus growth on damp timber.

The pest inspector also provides recommendations for a preventive pest control program to protect against future infestations. Like building inspections, get a detailed written pest inspection report.

Section 4: How Much Does it Cost to Get Inspections in Sydney?

Expect to pay $400 – $700 for a professional pre purchase building inspection in Sydney, depending on property size and scope. Pest inspections cost $200 – $400. Companies also offer combined building and pest inspections starting from $500 for more convenience.

While building and pest inspections are an added upfront cost, they give you invaluable information and can potentially save you tens of thousands in repair bills down the track. Ultimately the inspections are a wise investment that provides long term value and protection for the biggest purchase you will make.

Section 5: Choosing the Best Building & Pest Inspectors in Sydney

With something as crucial as a pre purchase property inspection, it pays to pick an experienced specialist. Here are tips for choosing top building and pest inspectors in Sydney:

  • Check they are experienced and insured – this guarantees proper qualifications.
  • Look for at least 10 years industry experience inspecting Sydney properties.
  • Read through online reviews from past clients. Good communicators who provide detailed reports should be favoured.
  • Choose a company offering both building and pest inspections for convenience.
  • Opt for those providing guaranteed at least next day report turnaround so you don’t miss out at auctions. Preferably same day report delivery.
  • Make sure same day on-site inspections are available.
  • Look for additional services like asbestos inspections for more complete coverage.
  • Ask about inspectors’ familiarity inspecting in your target suburb or property type.

Following these tips will help you get a thorough, high quality pre purchase property inspection in Sydney, giving you the assurance needed to buy your dream home or investment property.


Buying property in Sydney represents a major investment. Pre purchase building and pest inspections form a vital due diligence step before committing to any property purchase. A qualified professional inspection identifies issues early, informs your negotiations, avoids nasty surprises post purchase and most importantly – gives you peace of mind. While adding a small upfront cost, a detailed inspection report ends up being an invaluable investment into your long term satisfaction and protection as a property buyer.