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All prices include PDF color building report delivered same day. *If property inspection is before 12 noon.

Pricing below applies to single standard size unit or house. Eg: 1-3 br unit or 3-4 br house up to $3m value. (Property over $3m value, larger or with substantial additions will require quotation.)

The building report will not be sent and/or verbal discussion of the condition of the property cannot be made until full payment is received.

Building + termite inspection for house/townhouse $495
Building + termite + electrical inspection for house/townhouse$595
Building + termite + electrical + thermal imaging inspection for house/townhouse$790
Dilapidation inspection x 1$445
Dilapidation inspection x 2$790
All defect inspection for unit$495
Electrical Inspection$495

How Much Does a Building Inspection Cost in Sydney in 2024

Sydney is the hub of Australia’s property market. Whether you’re considering purchasing a chic apartment in the heart of the city or a sprawling house in the suburbs, ensuring the property is in top shape is crucial. This is where building inspections come in. But how much does a building inspection cost in Sydney? Let’s dive deep into the intricacies of this essential service.

Why is a Building Inspection Necessary?

Before discussing costs, understanding the importance of a building inspection is paramount. A building inspection offers a snapshot of the property’s condition, revealing any structural issues, damage or potential hazards. This can not only save potential homeowners from future costs but can also provides a negotiating tool when determining the property’s final price.

Factors Influencing Building and Pest Inspection Costs in 2024

Several factors can influence the cost of a building inspection in Sydney:

  1. Type of Property: Residential properties like houses and units will have different costs compared to commercial buildings due to size and complexity differences.
  2. Size of Property: A studio apartment’s inspection might be less expensive than a multi-bedroom house or a commercial complex.
  3. Depth of Inspection: Some inspections are more detailed, assessing every nook and cranny, while others offer a general overview. The main factors though are type, size and condition of the property. A building inspector will change his inspection strategy depending on the 3 above factors.

General building & pest inspection Cost Breakdown

  • Residential Properties (Houses & Units):
    • Basic Inspections: For a smaller property, ie: units cost could be in the range from $300 to $400.
    • Average-sized Homes: For a detailed building and pest inspection, the price might hover between $400 to $600.
    • Special Properties: Larger or unique houses, luxury estates or heritage-listed properties, could cost in the vicinity of $600 to $800 for a building and pest inspection.
  • Commercial Properties:
    • Given their size and intricacies, commercial property inspections can start from AUD $1,000 and scale up to several thousand dollars. Generally they will need to be quoted unless they are simple. EG:  A retail shopfront. 
  • Specialised Inspections:
    • If you’re also keen on assessing specilaised inspections such as asbestos, mould, pool or electrical/plumbing inspections the you can add approximately $200 to $400 to your overall inspection cost for each additional inspection.

Why is the building inspection cost so varied?

It’s essential to understand that Sydney, being a prime real estate market in Australia, has varying property types, each with its unique needs. The city’s dynamic blend of vintage and modern architectural styles also means that a building inspector must be tailored to cater to these varied structures. Thus, the costs can vary based on the expertise required and the challenges posed by each property type.

Tips for Choosing an Sydney Building inspector in 2024

  1. Experience Matters: Always select a service with a strong track record in Sydney’s property market. Look for a thorough inspection, fair price and experience in identifying a defect in a residential property.
  2. Detailed Reports: Ensure the building inspector provides a comprehensive building inspection report, complete with photographs and explanations.
  3. Ask for Recommendations: Word of mouth is powerful. Ask friends, family, Google reviews for trusted inspection service referrals. Never ask your real estate agent for recommendations.
  4. Ensure your building inspector is insured: Believe it or not there are inspectors operating in Sydney with no insurance. If things go pear shaped you have no lgeal recourse. Whatsover.

Conclusion – How much does a building inspection cost?

A pre-purchase building inspection, while an additional cost, is an indispensable tool for potential property buyers in Sydney. It not only offers peace of mind but can also prevent unforeseen expenses down the line. By understanding the cost structure and choosing the right inspection service, you’re not just buying a property; you’re investing in a secure future.