Sad story of Rebel Wilson’s childhood dog

Rebel Wilson as a child with her pet beagle. Picture: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson as a child with her pet beagle. Picture: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

No pressing need for an update to her Rebel Rising memoir, but Rebel Wilson’s grandparents have sold their longtime Cherrybrook home.

It fetched $2.31m midweek through McGrath Castle Hill agent Mark Vinogradov.

“They are downsizing,” we were advised after spotting the listing on last month and then being asked to await its sale to curtail stickybeaks going through the open for inspections.

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Rebel Wilson on the set of This Morning in the UK promoting her memoir Rebel Rising.

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The four-bedroom, two-bathroom house had traded in 2001 at $490,000 when bought by Wilson’s maternal grandparents, Robert and Betty Stopford.

According to PropTrack the median house price in Cherrybrook is $2.3m.

The Stopford family get its first mention on page 18 in the recently released book, with Wilson particularly proud of her great-great-grandfather Dr Robert Stopford, who held the state seat of Balmain as a politician for three years from 1922.

The Lancashire-born doctor had arrived in Sydney in 1911 via Auckland, and for eight years ran a clinic for slum children at Balmain.

The Hollywood actor publishes plenty of insights into her family property moves in the HarpersCollins book. She details their Balmain home circumstances around the time of her premature birth in March 1980.

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Wilson’s parents had to sell this 1892 home in Balmain after lead in the paint killed their beagle. It has since been renovated and re-sold. Pictures: Supplied

She writes her parents, teacher Sue and bank officer Warwick, had bought for $52,000 in 1978.

Land title searches show the couple had come from Denistone to buy on Montague St from an iron worker called Richard Carter.

But they sold up for $95,000 in September 1980 after a crisis. The reason for their quick relocation from the now restored and recently sold ornate $3.35m 1892 home were concerns about the walls having peeling paint that contained lead.

It had killed their beagle.

Making their way to The Hills district, the couple bought for $95,000 on Cecil Ave, Castle Hill, which was to be their home for the next five years.

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Wilson’s maternal grandparents recently sold this Cherrybrook property. Picture:

Its perhaps no surprise the nostalgic Wilson has owned extensive property on the Balmain peninsula, including an apartment on the site of a 19th-century soap factory which cost $1.88m in 2015.

The two-bedroom, two-level Custance Architects-designed space adjoins the heritage-listed Federation-style factory previously the site of Sunlight soap production.

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