I’m a Real Estate Agent: Here Are the 4 Arizona Cities Where You Should Avoid Buying a Home

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It’s no surprise many Americans decide to relocate or spend their retirement in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon State offers a warm climate, plenty of activities to ensure an active lifestyle and robust economic development and growth across many cities, positioning it as a solid, affordable state for those interested in buying a home.

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However, not all Arizona cities are ideal for a home purchase. GOBankingRates spoke to Colten Claus, associate broker at 8z Real Estate, about the top cities where buying a home may not be in your best interest.

Would you also avoid home ownership in these four Arizona cities?

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Over the last year, Tucson has experienced some positive economic gains, with The Arizona Daily Star reporting the Tucson labor market is in good shape and there is low unemployment statewide. (Though job growth, it should also be noted, is below the national average.)

Where Tucson struggles, however, is having a reputation for being an unsafe city.

According to KOLD News 13, Smart Growth America ranked Tucson as the third-deadliest metro area in America for pedestrian deaths. Additionally, The Arizona Daily Star reported in 2023 that gun violence was on the rise in Tucson along with an increase in traffic fatalities.

Claus warned buyers aware of these issues may find it impacts their quality of life and their property’s resale value should they opt for a Tucson home.

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A major issue plaguing the city of Douglas is its high property crime rate.

According to statistics from the online neighborhood database NeighborhoodScout, there are 209 property crimes committed annually in Douglas. Claus said this high rate of property crimes can affect the sense of security for homeowners.


When parsing reviews on Niche.com about living in Kingman, it appears most reviewers agree. Kingman is a good city to live in if you don’t mind trading your social life for a lower cost of living and a quiet lifestyle.

Depending on where you are in your life, this may be doable, and it may not be. Some retirees might be OK with choosing to buy a home in Kingman. Others who are younger and still need to work in the office might struggle much more.

“Kingman is relatively remote, situated along historic Route 66. While this appeals to some, it means longer travel times to major cities and limited access to amenities,” said Claus.


Buyers will either love or loathe living in the small town of Holbrook. Claus said that Holbrook’s limited amenities, entertainment options and access to specific services may not meet the expectations of some homebuyers.

On the other hand, Holbrook recently ranked fifth on TheTravel’s list of scenic small towns next to major Arizona national parks. The city’s proximity to the badlands and being under 20 miles from Petrified Forest National Park may appeal to homebuyers interested in living in a city they can fully immerse themselves in with explorations.

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