I’m a Real Estate Agent: 5 Affordable Cities Buyers Will Flock to This Summer

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Prospective buyers hoping to catch a break in surging home prices this summer could be setting themselves up for disappointment, according to Kuba Jewgieniew, CEO and founder of Realty ONE Group.

“We do not expect to see home prices drop this year, so buyers need to be ready to work with their real estate professional to set expectations for what they can buy and where, and then be ready to make offers when they find something they love,” he predicted.

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Because prices will remain high in many places, Jewgieniew believes buyers will be flocking to areas that still have affordable homes, particularly in the Midwest.

“We anticipate increased activity in cities that offer young buyers affordable housing, a robust job market and modern amenities,” he said.

Here are the affordable cities — including two in the Midwest — he predicts will see a surge in home selling and buying this summer.

Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio

“Despite interest rates and low inventory, Columbus and Cincinnati are still very affordable,” Jewgieniew said. “Combined with job growth, retail expansions, the great school systems and universities, and their professional sports teams, these two markets are prime for even more growth and opportunities for homebuyers.”

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Charlotte, North Carolina

“Charlotte is another market that has fared very well after the pandemic and continues to see strong and exciting growth in job opportunities, business and in the real estate market,” Jewgieniew said. “Several massive industrial projects for big companies like Eli Lilly are coming into market, and yet median home prices are staying relatively stable.”

Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee

“Realtor.com has predicted that both Memphis and Nashville will see falling home prices, which is surprising given the appeal of both vibrant cities,” Jewgieniew said. “But that’s great news for buyers who want to experience all the amazing things both cities have to offer to [people of] all ages.”

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