How to start a home inspection business?

How to start a home inspection business2

Good question. So how do you?

 Without inside knowledge it’s a long and costly road of trial and error. It is both easy and difficult. How can that be you say? Well like everything it’s easy to do it badly and blow money but difficult to do it well. That’s where we come in…more on that later.

Lets start answering the above question.

Say you’re a tradie or a builder or a serious handyman and you’ve been doing it for years, getting up early, on the tools getting dirty, chasing unpaid invoices…on and on…you know tyhe story. You’re good with your hands and you have an idea of how houses are constructed, you’re good at your job, you just need a change. A change to something easier and that makes more money.

A great change would be to become a home inspector, carrying out inspections for property buyers, real estate agents, other builders, lawyers etc. Compared to the type of work i mentioned above its dead set no contest.

How to start a home inspection business

Some of the benefits of being a property inspector.

  • No more chasing unpaid invoices. Every inspection is pre paid.
  • Incredibly profitable. Great money and low low expenses.
  • No more getting up early. Book your inspection times when you like.
  • Work from home. Easy to set up home office.
  • Total time flexibility. Work the hours you want, spend more time with your family.
  • Easy work compared to trade work. Goes without saying.
  • LOW setup costs. You already own most the equipment you’ll need and there isnt much required.
  • Almost no paperwork. Pretty much everything is done online.
  • Opportunity. There is  an abundance of work available.

What is a typical day like for a property inspector?

Not every day is like the following but many are. 

 You wake up and check your schedule for the day. 1st inspection is booked for 10am (which is a typical time for me, i hate sitting in school mum and business traffic).

Return a phone call or text or two then head to your 1st inspection. Spend 60-90 (depending on size and condition of the house and therefore the inspection) minutes there and pack up.

You have the choice of going home to write up the report or as i sometimes do, go to a cafe with my laptop, have lunch or a coffee and write up the report (takes about another 60-90 minutes, again depending on the size of the inspection.

Next inspection is booked for 2pm, i already know from the real estate agent that its an unoccupied property so i get there early to do the exterior inspection while waiting for the agent to turn up at 2.

He turns up to let me in and i only have the interior, sub floor and roof area to inspect (if there is access, plenty of houses are on a slab and/or have skillion roofs so often these aren’t required), i finish the interior in 40 minutes and then the rest of the day is free* except for writing up the report for the 2nd inspection. 

By the way i love inspecting units as there are rarely sub floor or roof space to inspect. It easy, fast and profitable.

So you drive home (almost beat the kids home from school), jump on the PC and write the 2nd report. Send both out by email and you’re done for the day. At say $400-$500 per inspection you’ve made $800 to $1000 and its been an easy day.

*Now you can kick back for the rest of the day or head off to the pub for a couple but what you should do is check your emails, ring whoever you need to, maybe do some marketing for an hour. And that’s it.

So you’ve carried out two inspections today for $1000, a great day. Some days you might get one or 3 inspections….or none. These are all possible but the day i described is pretty typical. You can manage your inspection appointments during the week (as much as you can while fitting in with other people’s schedules) so two per day is ideal. 

You could fit 4 inspections in a busy day if you pre arranged your inspection times and left a bit early. Days like this are rare and you wouldn’t have a lot of time to write up your reports so you’d most likely do one or two reports that night and the other two the next day/morning, depending on your inspections for the following day. That all sounds a bit hectic and it is but you would have made close to $2000 for the day so i’d say its worth it. But a 4 inspection day is rare. 

How to start a home inspection business1 

This all sounds great i hear you say but how do i become a home inspector?

Glad you asked!

Wayne, the proprietor of Inspector Education has a long background in business and marketing, mostly in the building industry.

Now whats really common in the building industry is guys are usually great at their job but don’t know a lot about business or marketing.

Marketing is incredibly important as it is the one thing that gets people to see your business and pay you for your service. And that’s what all business is about.

Inspector Education has developed  a course that shows you absolutely everything you need to know to start and run a successful property inspection business.

From registering your business, applying for your ABN, getting an ideal domain name for your website, the insurance you’ll need, many methods for marketing your business….all the way to carrying out the inspection, getting pre paid, making sure you don’t get ripped off and tips and tricks for extra inspection and income opportunities.

Here’s one tip for starters. You can be paid $195 for just sending and email. Seriously!

So there you have it. My 25 years in business and 3 years running a successful property inspection business, every mistake i’ve made (so you dont have to), everything i’ve learnt in business made easy for you.

This sounds fantastic, is there a catch?

Sort of. The only catch is that each licencee is restricted to their own postcode. This doesn’t mean that you cant’t work outside your postcode, what it means is that you get first right of refusal for inspections within your postcode.

We do this in the interest of fair and equal work for all licencees.

Oh…and you’ll need to do some work. Successful small businesses just don’t happen. They require time input, especially at the beginning.

If you think you can spend the day watching Netflix or at the pub and to be making money, its not going to happen.

And that applies to any small business.


That’s it. Not really much of a catch!

If you’re interested in receiving our no obligation Free info pack and to check if your post code is available go HERE and fill in the quick form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for reading.



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