Dallas’ No. 1 Luxury Real Estate Agent, Alex Perry, Launches New Podcast, Searching For Real-Life Success

Alex Perry On Fire
Allie Beth Allman & Associates’ Alex Perry has spent the past several months in the studio preparing to launch a new podcast, Alex Perry On Fire, which debuts June 5. 

The Alex Perry On Fire podcast debuts today with a series of raw, real conversations about finding and keeping great energy in your life and finding a better balance between your personal and professional goals. 

The launch comes at a time when workplace anxiety has become the top reason why workers seek mental health assistance, according to a new analysis. Moreover, young workers, age 20-29, are feeling the strain of mental health issues, with nearly four in 10, or 38 percent, diagnosed with depression in 2022 and 2023.

“Working at any level of your career, the pressure of it can take you over,” said Perry, who has been on his journey and working on this podcast for more than nine months. “I wanted to have balance in my life. Over the past year, I have learned that so many of us are struggling to keep growing. With the podcast, I think we can have real conversations that will help us all become more aware and grow.”

Alex Perry On Fire streams on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Podcasts. New episodes premiere on Wednesdays.

Just named the No. 1 agent in Texas luxury real estate by RealTrends, Perry has sold more than $1 billion in real estate. He ranks 19th in overall sales in the United States. A resilient and successful entrepreneur, dealmaker, connector, and keen investor, Perry faced some significant obstacles in 2023 that shook the foundations of his personal life. 

“I had emotions I’d never felt before — confusion, anxiety, possible burnout in a business that I was thriving in,” he explained. “The old me would have said, push through, you got this. This time it was different.”

While his real estate career thrived, he struggled to find balance and purpose outside of work. His priorities were out of sync, and he wanted to find the true essence of life — to harvest the energy within himself and join others to make a difference.  

Perry said he wants the podcast to serve as a beacon, urging everyone to explore their true potential and purpose.

Throughout the journey, Perry’s guests — the torchbearers — share their vulnerabilities, struggles, and even their missteps, leading listeners to discover awareness, change, and freedom. He said the journey will change you if you are open and ready to listen.

In the first episode, Perry has a heart-to-heart with his twin brother, Elliott, who was the main catalyst for the podcast. Over the past year, Perry knew his brother was in a very scary place, and he feared where he was mentally and physically in his life. But he couldn’t do anything but direct him to mental health professionals—and love him. 

In “Pills to work, pills to sleep,” Alex Perry goes deep with his twin about how quickly you can spiral to a really bad place. And Elliott Perry shares the challenges of getting to a healthy mental state and finding happiness and purpose after hitting rock bottom, while at the same time detoxing from prescription medicine.

“Elliott has started over and is finding success without drugs, and we as brothers are starting over with a newfound love and support,” Alex Perry said. “I really did not understand mental illness, and I have grown in so many ways, finding that I need to be a better listener and more patient. And that, I hope, is making me a better brother, friend, co-worker, son and even business professional.”

The Perry brothers are dedicating the first season of the Alex Perry On Fire podcast to CARE-Dallas, an organization that offers resources and education on substance abuse disorders to people, free of charge. They have pledged $10,000 to the non-profit.

For the podcast’s second episode, Perry welcomes one of his closest friends, who embraced his own imbalance as an opportunity to grow. He is supporting Perry in rediscovering his zest for life and embracing mindfulness and spirituality.

Andrew Welker, a longtime real estate developer, has had a life reset more than once when confronted with imbalance. He found that true fulfillment in life comes down to two things: Column A and Column B. But, too often, the work responsibilities that dominate Column A—the bank—also overshadow the pure joy of what fills up Column B—family, friends and everything not related to work.

“We all have the opportunity to find balance and purpose,” Perry said. “I have found so much love and support from so many people on my journey. I hope this podcast will fire up a newfound love of life for all listeners. Let’s journey together.”