Brett Henson: Sydney real estate agent found guilty of stealing taxi despite 'Muslim brotherhood' excuse

Eastern Sydney real estate agent Brett Henson has been found guilty of stealing a taxi and driving it across the city whilst drunk, despite his excuse.

Henson told the court he was under threat when he got into the driver’s seat and took off after a night out in Sydney’s CBD on November 4, 2022.

The vehicle was abandoned in eastern Sydney.

Henson told the court he stole the vehicle due to being followed by the taxi driver and a group of men after he broke the car’s door handle, resulting in an argument.

He told the court he offered to pay to fix the damage.

Henson claimed the group of men told him they were "the Muslim brotherhood" and the police.

"I said: ‘Just call the police’," he said.

"We are the police," they reportedly responded, according to 7News.

"I was uncertain. I was petrified," Henson added.

Magistrate Gregory Moore rejected Henson’s claims in Sydney Downing Centre Local Court on Monday – finding him guilty of vehicle theft and drink driving.

"I do not accept the accused was forced to drive the vehicle because of those threats," Moore said, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Moore said Henson could have taken alternative actions – such as phoning emergency services or getting help from witnesses rather than stealing the vehicle.

CCTV footage shown in court showed Henson grabbing the taxi door and falling onto his back with his legs in the air.

Henson previously denied he fell due to alcohol intoxication.

He submitted pictures of bruises on his body he claimed proved he was assaulted.

He then ran away from the scene as the driver followed him on foot.

Henson then returned to the vehicle and drove off.

He told the court that he was terrified of the group so he drove through multiple red lights before he finally stopped at an intersection in the Eastern Suburbs.

"I needed to get away from there, there was no other way I can escape… I can’t call the police… there’s no other option," Henson told the court according to the Daily Mail.

"These guys are going to kill me."

The car was abandoned in Woollahra, eastern Sydney.

The court heard Henson had been drinking for eight hours before taking off in the taxi.

He said he could not recall whether he was drunk, while the Magistrate said security video clearly showed he was.

Henson will be sentenced on June 24.