Home based building inspection business in Sunlands 5322

Home based building inspection business in Sunlands 5322

Working from home as a  building inspector in Home based building inspection business in Sunlands 5322 is an opportunity not to be missed, and for good reason—its a lucrative business with minimal initial outlay, ongoing overhead costs and tons of time flexibility?

Maybe you have an idea of how houses are built, you’re a tradie, a builder, a serious handyman or DIYer….you dont mind a bit of hard work and your interested in being successful.

You’re neat and tidy, have a professional approach to your work (we’re trying to move away from the plumbers crack type).

You most likely own a lot of the things you need to get started…. a vehicle, a computer with an internet connection, , a mobile phone, a step ladder, some basic tools, a willing to succeed.

We’ll supply everything you’ll need to start and run the business, from registering your business name to getting paid by clients……every single time….you just need to put in the effort. Nothing happens if nothing happens if you know what i mean.

In the interest of fairness and enough work for all licencees in Sunlands, we are limiting one business licence per postcode. That doesn’t mean you can only work in your postcode, what it means is that you have first right of refusal to any work in your postcode. You can work anywhere you like unlike franchises that cost up to $80 000 where you are limited one territory.

So there you have it, go to the home page and see if your post code of Sunlands 5322 is available for your own building inspection business.

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