How to start a home inspection business?

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The opportunity

About 500 000 properties change hands every year in Australia. And just about every one of those properties requires an inspection, usually a combined building and pest inspection.
At say $450-$550 per inspection that's a $250m industry! That's a lot of opportunity out there.

The above figures include only properties bought and sold, there are many other income opportunities for property inspectors available....such as dilapidation inspections, new off the plan inspections of houses and units, timber pest inspections, building inspections for existing home owners, and possible commercial, mould, asbestos and pool inspections with minimal additional training.

Instead of paying up to $80 000 for a property inspection franchise a better opportunity for you is to purchase a licence to start and run a model of a successful Sydney based inspection business for much much less than a franchise.

You wont need to worry about:

Restrictive work territories
Constant franchise fees.
Not being able to build your own brand and goodwill.
Not having freedom to run your 'own' business as you like.

This opportunity allows you build your own inspection business under your name, build something you can be proud of and sell at a later date if you please.


In the interest of fairness and allowing enough work for our licencees we limit the licences to one per postcode.

This doesn't mean you are limited to work only in your postcode, what it means is that you have the first right to accept or refuse inspections from within your designated postcode.

  • Allows work for all licencees
  • Fair and equitable
  • Become the expert in your postcode

Pre purchase building inspections

Standard pre purchase building inspection when a property is purchased.


Dilapidation Inspections

As people renovate or install a pool they will need a dilapidation inspection. 


Building and pest inspections

Most property buyers want a combined building and termite inspection.


New home inspections

Off the plan and new home inspections can be a substantial part of this business.


Timber pest inspections

A stand alone inspection for timber pests.


Specialised inspections

Specialised inspections such as mould, pool and asbestos are available to the inspector with additional training.


The benefits of a home based inspection business are huge. Very low overheads and high earning capacity make this an incredible business opportunity. Not only that but you can sell your business asset at a later date.


Great Money

Between $5k & $10k per month. That’s just the start.


Time Flexible

Work your own hours. Either part time or full time..


Easy Work

You spend roughly half your time inspecting and the other half producing reports.