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Building and Pest Inspection Sydney.


Sydney Building Inspection

Building Inspector

Building Inspection

Asbestos Testing

Building Inspections Sydney

We inspect all over Sydney and surrounds. Penrith, Hornsby, Central Coast etc

We are punctual and professional and have the latest inspecting technology to ensure you receive a comprehensive result. 

Building inspection

Mostly booked by existing home owners to discover if their are major and/or minor defects in their property.

Ceiling Fan
Building and pest inspection

If you’re looking to buy a property this is the one to book. You want to know if its structurally ok and if it has termites.

Generator Set
Dilapidation inspection

Dilapidation inspections are used by people who are building and need to protect neighboring properties from damage. It’s a common DA condition these days.

New unit and house inspection

If you have purchased a unit or house off the plan and you need to know the condition at handover, this is for you. This is essential for any new property.

LED Bulb
Electrical inspection

As a licenced electrician we offer a comprehensive electrical inspection or only $50 extra to a building & pest inspection.

Electric Insurance
Pest inspection

It is recommended that all properties should have 12 month pest inspections. If you are concerned your property may have been attacked by termites, book now!

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Our building and/or pest inspection covers inside, outside, sub floor, roof space, roof exterior, yard and fences. Plus electrical if required.

Do I Need a Building Inspection?

A building inspection may seem like a tedious task, but are they really that important? If you are purchasing a new house or the vendor has already performed a building inspection, you might be wondering, ‘Do I need a building inspection?’ building inspection is just like test driving a car. It lets you know the condition of the building and help you decide if it is worth buying. By knowing about the shortcoming of the property, you have the chance to save thousands of dollars and, more importantly, keep you and your family safe. Even with all the benefits, many people skip this step to save some money, only to end up paying much more for repairs than what they would have paid for the inspection.

Vendor Will Do Everything to Sell the Property

Many vendors go to great lengths to hide certain defects and potential faults in the house to sell the property quickly. From concealing cracks with paints to rendering brick walls, many dishonest vendors will anything to make the deal. Thus, a building inspection is important when buying a house. Even if the vendor has performed their own inspection and provides you with a complete report, do not trust them blindly. Make sure to have an independent inspection done before signing the contract to get peace of mind knowing you know everything that is to be known about the property.  

Get Insight into the Necessary Repairs

If you are purchasing an old house, you should expect that there will be certain repairs that need to be done. With a building inspection, you will find out exactly what needs to be done to help bring it to the necessary codes and to make it safe for you and your family to live in. you can seek costs of repairs from relevant tradesmen or the building to know if you are willing to spend that much amount on the house. You will also be in a better position to negotiate on the price, allowing you to cover maximum or a part of the total repair costs easily. By putting a comprehensive repair budget for your house, you will not be hit by any surprises in the midst of the repairs that may end up costing you a lot of money that you were not prepared for.

Implications of Skipping Building Inspections on Your Mortgage and Insurance

Skipping your building inspection before buying a house can have serious consequences, especially with your mortgage application. The bank will want to get proper details of the house and its condition before providing you with the mortgage. Not getting a building inspection may hold up the process, and you might not be able to secure finance for the purchase. If you do not have a building inspection report and later find problems with the house after the purchase, your insurance company may refuse to pay for the repairs. You will only end paying more from your pocket for saving a few bucks on a professional building inspection.

Do I Need a Building Inspection Performed Before Buying a House?

Yes, you do! It is important to get a building inspection done before you buy a house. Whether you are purchasing a brand new home, buying at an auction or an older home in your favourite neighbourhood, it is in your best interest to get an independent building inspection done before entering into a contract. A professional building inspection company will be able to carry out building inspection to the best of standards and provide you with a detailed report so that there is no doubt in your mind by making a well-informed decision about the prospective purchase.